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The grief journey for an individual is, without question, a difficult time in one’s life. A caring person, who is genuinely concerned about your wellness, offering to come along side you during this journey can make a noticeable and positive difference.

The same can be true of organizations specializing in bereavement, with “compassion and understanding” as an inherent and continuously active part of their mission.

BSFH: “Bradley & Stow Funeral Home has become known in the community for service with “compassion and understanding” that brings comfort and hope to the families they serve.” (source: “About Us”)

HHGS: “Through the love and “compassion” of those who have also experienced the loss of someone loved, we strive towards “understanding” and reconciliation.” (source: “Our Mission”)

Bradley & Stow Funeral Home and Helping Hand Grief Support are two dedicated resources who share a common mission, thereby augmenting their available services to allow walking alongside the bereaved during their journey in the grief process.

See Grief Support on Bradley & Stow Funeral Home’s Web Site

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